Plugin and Theme Policy for Professional Web Presence

Users of the Professional Web Presence (PWP) service can not install their own themes and plugins, but do have a number of pre-installed themes and plugins  available to them on the PWP server. Site owners can also request that new plugins and themes be installed, but they must:

  • Be of value to more than just yourself
  • Be stable (must have a production release)
  • Be currently supported by a plugin or theme maintainer
  • Not have any adverse effect on the PWP service and/or existing plugins
  • Not duplicate functionality of existing plugins or existing specialty web services provided by Georgia Tech

In addition to the above, requested themes must:

  • Be able to function without requiring a a custom plugin in addition to the theme
  • Not allow for WordPress file structure bypass
  • Be accessibility compliant to WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards

PWP administrators reserve the right to remove a plugin or theme (with a minimum of one month’s notice when possible) if the plugin or theme:

  • Is abandoned by its maintainer(s)
  • Is found to have a notable security vulnerability that is not fixed quickly by the maintainer(s)
  • Changes in a way that causes it to become incompatible with the PWP service

Please review the Installed Themes and Installed Plugins lists before submitting a request for a new theme or plugin.