Socially-Aware Mobility

Van Hentenryck leads the Socially-Aware Mobility project, whose goal is to investigate novel mobility systems and the data science, optimization and machine learning technologies to power them. The Fall 2019 ISE Magazine featured this research.

Some of the projects include

  • On-Demand Multi-Modal Transit Systems: This project aims at transforming public transit, addressing the first/last mile problem, congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, and parking in sustainable ways. The project  focuses on Atlanta, one of the most congested cities in the world where the share of public transit for commuting is small. The project is in collaboration with MARTA, the ARC, and the city of Atlanta, as well as colleagues in civil engineering and urban planning. 
  • Community-Based Car Sharing: This project aims at building large-scale car-sharing systems based on communities.
  • Large-scale Real-time Ride Sharing Systems: For this project, think Lyft and Uber with waiting time and service time guarantees and ride-sharing optimization.

The following video is a keynote on mobility at the 2019 IISE Annual Conference, as well as an interview.

Our mobility projects involve teams of post-doctoral and PhD students, a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) about “Reinventing Mobility in Atlanta“, and senior design projects, providing about 30 undergraduate students with research opportunities in mobility and transportation. In prior research, Van Hentenryck led the RITMO project. 


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