Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I do with PWP?

The following list is not all-inclusive, but gives you an idea of what do with PWP.

What is not recommended with PWP?

  • Using PWP to house sensitive / private data and/or files.  PWP is a shared resource intended primarily for public facing websites.  While it provides some mechanisms for limiting access, it is not proper place to store data or files that you would not want the world to be able to see.  We highly recommend using OneDrive or DropBox to store sensitive files, not PWP.  Georgia Tech and the PWP administrators take no responsibility for data and/or files that are stored in PWP websites, and any public exposure becomes the full responsibility of the website owner.

What can I NOT do with PWP?

The following list is not all-inclusive, but highlights the most notable limitations of the PWP service.

  • Create websites unrelated to Georgia Tech academics and/or research.
  • Install your own plugins or themes.  Please see the Theme and Plugin Policy page for details on how to request new plugins and themes.
  • Access the site from the command line via SSH, SFTP, or any other mechanism.
  • Any activity prohibited by Georgia Tech policy.

Does PWP have any maintenance windows?

To ensure that Professional Web Presence (PWP) stays secure and stable, we will be implementing a very short weekly maintenance window during which access to PWP will be unavailable. This window will be 5 AM to 5:15 AM on Sunday mornings, but realistically PWP should normally be available again by 5:05 AM if not even earlier.

Please be aware that during this window, you will not be able to access PWP for viewing or updating of sites. Once the weekly maintenance ends, access will resume as normal. No action on the part of our individual PWP site administrators is necessary.

Can I access my PWP website after I leave Georgia Tech?

Technically, as long as your can log into your GT Account Username, you can still access any sites that you maintain on PWP – contact your local IT support or the OIT Technical Support Center if you have questions about your ability to use your GT Account Username after you leave Georgia Tech.

Realistically, if you leave Georgia Tech, you should strongly consider moving your website(s) to independent web hosting or hosting provided by your new employer or school. You can easily export your site from PWP and import it into another instance of WordPress.  Please see our site export instructions for more information.