Fall 2018 site renewal campaign in review

PWP has successfully completed the first annual renewal review campaign to identify outdated and abandoned websites and ensure websites have proper administrative contacts.

Thank you so much to each site administrator who renewed your website, reached out to the PWP team with questions, or processed your unneeded website for removal.

We will be repeating the site renewal campaign for Fall 2019. However, all of you have provided incredible feedback and further insight into our process, so we will be delivering a better site renewal experience for you in the future.

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Fall 2018 site renewal campaign

As part of our ongoing effort keep Professional Web Presence efficient and fast for our end-users, we are conducting a Fall 2018 PWP Site Renewal campaign. If you are using your PWP website(s) and wish it to remain active for use, all you need to do is renew it – which you can do with one easy step! 

PWP Site Renewals are due by December 14, 2018. Websites which have not been renewed will be contacted and scheduled for archival and subsequent deletion. 

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Georgia Tech Branding Update

As part of Professional Web Presence’s commitment to stay ahead of Georgia Tech’s web branding and identity, the GT Branding (Deprecated) plugin will be replaced by the GT Branding plugin on Friday, December 2nd 2016.

The update process will not be automatic – any website currently using GT Branding (Deprecated) will need to enable the GT Branding theme and disable the GT Branding (Deprecated) plugin.

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PWP College & School Tour: Biomedical Engineering

world_tour-f342748e0f01466eb6f21fabec4c7b26As part of the PWP Fall 2015 College & School Tour, PWP developers and administrators are going on ‘the road’ to schools and colleges to bring training, workshops, and help desk support to faculty and staff.

Our second stop this fall is for Biomedical Engineering. The details of this event are below:

  • Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
  • Time: 9am-1pm
  • Location: Whittaker 2110

Want your school, college, or campus unit to host a tour stop? Complete a request form today!