WordPress 5.0 update: hello, Block Editor!

Professional Web Presence has completed its update to WordPress 5.0. As part of this update, there are new features available to all PWP site-owners.

Classic Editor enabled

The initial release of the Block Editor has accessibility issues for page editors, which will put publicly-funded websites using Blue Editor at legal risk of accessibility/WCAG compliance.

PWP has installed the Classic Editor, which replaces the Block Editor with the traditional page editor.

PWP page editing experiences should look and feel identical to how you have previously edited pages and posts.

Dive into Block Editor?

PWP does allow individual websites to opt-in to Block Editor for their editor experience.

To enable this feature, navigate to your site Dashboard and navigate to SettingsWriting. Site administrators will be able to change the default editor on the PWP site, and allow individual users to enable and disable the Classic Editor.

PWP does not presently support the Block Editor. Users are advised to enable the Block Editor at their risk. Some plugins may not be compatible with the Block Editor at this time.