Georgia Tech Branding Update

As part of Professional Web Presence’s commitment to stay ahead of Georgia Tech’s web branding and identity, the GT Branding (Deprecated) plugin will be replaced by the GT Branding plugin on Friday, December 2nd 2016.

The update process will not be automatic – any website currently using GT Branding (Deprecated) will need to enable the GT Branding theme and disable the GT Branding (Deprecated) plugin.

GT Branding provides a Georgia Tech header and footer for websites not using GT Boilerplate. 

For requirements on which websites need this header, please see the Georgia Tech Institute Communications Brand Guide.

GT Branding Header
The top gold bar pictured above is the GT Theme compliant header.
GT Branding Footer
The bottom gold bar pictured above is the GT Theme compliant footer.

For more information or questions about this change, please contact Professional Web Presence administration.