GT Boilerplate 1.6 Released

The PWP team has released GT Boilerplate 1.6, a new feature release for the default theme.

GT Boilerplate 1.6 is all about feature-proofing the WordPress installation.

This release represents a tock in the tick-tock approach to feature development. v1.5 was all about the tick (new features – editable footers and CSS cleanup). v1.6 takes these new features and designs and provides some sanity-checking and feature improvements.

New Features

  • The footer widget areas (Footer Menu 1-4 and the Footer Map) now have placeholder boxes to guide how to replace these elements. This mimics the functionality found in the GT Drupal theme.
  • The menu area now has a default layout – if a PWP website has no menu, a placeholder menu link (‘Home’) is shown to anonymous users. If the user is logged in as the admin of the PWP website, the ‘Home’ menu item is replaced with a ‘Create a Menu’ link that redirects appropriately.

Bug Fixes

  • The user bar (the white bar at the very top of every page) has been sanity-checked to restrict height increases by new widgets.
  • The site description has been adjusted to add a max-height element, restricting two-line descriptions.
  • Additional CSS tweaks site-wide.

GT Boilerplate 1.6 is available to all PWP websites. If you are running GT Boilerplate, no update is needed – your theme has been automatically updated.