Document Updates (06.2016)

Both the Web Project Guidelines and the Web Discovery Brief have received updates for June 2016.

Update – Web Project Guidelines

  • New: Document has been separated from the Web Discovery Brief to better meet demands of future projects.
  • New: Added future support statement for Drupal 8.
  • New: Added deprecated end-of-life statement for Drupal 6.
  • New: Upcoming Web Theme Policy statement, description, and link are in place.
  • Update: Removed the slideshow from the list of Georgia Tech-provided modules, due to the end-of-life of the Carousel Slider.
  • Update: Carousel description has been updated to match the concerns expressed by Georgia Tech Institute Communications.
  • Update: Feeds XPath Parser has been replaced with Feeds Extensible Parsers. Documentation on the has not been updated to meet this new module at the time of update.
  • Update: Bumped versions of browser operating systems, including Internet Explorer.

Update – Web Discovery Brief

  • Update: Removed section overviews because of an overlap in Table of Contents.
  • Update: Standardized headers for Table of Contents generation and consistency.
  • Update: Removed Web Project Guidelines area to place in its own document.