Library Collaborations Contacting the Georgia Tech Library

Contacting the Georgia Tech Library

The librarians and archivists at Georgia Tech look forward each year to working with the Brittain Fellows and faculty in the Writing and Communication Program (WCP) and in the School of Literature, Media, & Communication (LMC). Whether providing tours of our research and multimedia facilities, teaching course-specific workshops, collaborating on assignments and class-related projects, or exhibiting student work, the library staff welcome the opportunity to collaborate and to educate students on the many kinds of resources the Library and Archives can provide. I, personally, love working with the WCP, as their assignments are often innovative and outside-the-box. The instruction staff at the Library have experience helping with projects of all kinds and can share their expertise and knowledge of what has worked well (and, perhaps, not so well) in the past, as well as figuring out the best way to structure a new project and the library or archival instruction components that go along with it. Helping students learn to navigate the wealth of resources they can turn to for information, teaching them the value of historic and rare archival resources, and helping them to create multimodal artifacts of all kinds, is more important than ever. We look forward to future collaborative endeavors.

–Erin Edmond, Georgia Tech Library


Key Library Contacts:

Erin Edmond
Head, Instruction Unit, Public Services
Subject Librarian for Literature, Media, & Communication
First-Year English Instruction Librarian

Alison Valk
Multimedia Instruction Librarian
Subject Librarian for College of Commuting

Justin Ellis
Instructional Technology Associate
Gadgets Coordinator

Jody Thompson
Head, Archives & Records Management

Wendy Hagenmaier
Digital Collections Archivist

Crystal Rosser
Marketing & Events Manager