Innovations in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) Research

 Innovations in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) Research

Post-Conference: May 31, 2016

EBB Building, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Seminar Room


Participants and attendees are invited to be our guests for lunch on May 31 at 12 noon.

To join us please RSVP by May 29, 2016

Questions? Email Mary McDonald


Colloquium Organizers

Mary McDonald
Megan Chawansky
Lyndsay Hayhurst
Cathy van Ingen

Building on the success of last summer’s Girlhood, International Development and Sport workshop at the University of Ottawa, we are pleased to offer this colloquium on Innovations in Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) Research. The goal of this colloquium is to anticipate, inspire and shape the next phase of research in, on and about SDP.


8:30-9:15 am Coffee and Rolls


8:45 am Welcome and Comments from Conference Organizers

  • Megan Chawansky, Independent Scholar
  • Mary G. McDonald, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Lyndsay Hayhurst, York University
  • Cathy Van Ingen, Brock University


9:15-10:30am SDP Communities and their Discontents

  • The Rise of Peripheral Sports Within Marginalized Populations

Nida Ahmad, Independent Scholar

  • Participation for Social Interaction: Researching Sport for Development and Peace, Community Development and the Creation of Community                                                    

Holly Collison, Loughborough University                                                                                  

David Marchesseault, University of Toronto

10:30-11:45 break


10:45-12:00 pm Interrogating the Results Agenda within SDP

  • Measuring Pleasure: Interrogating the Presence of Pleasure in Girl-Centred SDP Programming

Megan Chawansky, University of Brighton                                                                            

Alison Carney, inFocus Social Enterprises

  • Unveiling the Politics and Technologies of Indicator Culture in Sport for Development and Peace

Kathryn Henne, The Australian National University


12:00-1:30 pm Lunch


1:30-3:00 pm Exploring the Productive Possibilities of Sport for Development and Peace Initiatives

  • “The (Re)Emergence of Sport for Good: Institutionalizing the ‘Sport for Development and Peace’ Sector”

Simon C. Darnell, University of Toronto

  • From Sport for Sport’s Sake to Sport for Good: Searching for the Historical Origins of Sport-For-Development

Russell Field, University of Manitoba

  • Sports for Peace and Youth Development: Lessons from the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Kirk Bowman, Georgia Institute of Technology


3:00-3:15 pm Break


3:15-4:45 pm Performing Gender in Sport for Development and Peace Discourses and Scholarship

  • Lean In: Traveling Discourses of Title IX, Sport for Development, and Neoliberal Feminism

Mary G. McDonald, Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Sport, Gender and Development: Joining Anthropologists at the ‘Asylum-Advocacy Nexus’

Alicia J. Johnson, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Mapping Sport for Gender-Based Violence Prevention through Feminist Participatory Action Research Strategies

Lyndsay Hayhurst, Brock University


4:45 pm Wrap UP