Electroceramics XV and Electroceramics Summer School 201

(from left): Fariza Si Ahmed, Morgan Watt, Thomas Rudzik,

Yomery Espinal,Trygve Magnus Ræder, and Lyndsey Denis.

Photos of me at the Electroceramics XV conference in Limoges, France in the summer of 2016 have been posted on their site!  You can see me in the group picture in the second row, left of center, behind the woman in the yellow dress. Photos from my presentation at the conference, entitled “Fabrication of Conducting Borosilicate Glass Composites with Segregated ITO Networks via Hot Pressing and Spark Plasma Sintering”, can also be found on pages 35 and 36 of the slide show in the top right corner of that page. I am also quoted, and featured in a photograph (reproduced above), in an article about the 2016 Electroceramics Summer School in the September 2016 ACerS Bulletin on page 10. This trip was made possible by a generous scholarship from ACerS, as well as support from my adviser, Dr. Rosario Gerhardt, toward the total cost.