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In the Pardue Lab, we are focused on developing life-changing treatments for people with vision loss. Steps to successful treatment require understanding mechanism(s) of the disease and characterizing temporal changes to identify therapeutic windows, with the ultimate goal of rehabilitation of visual function. We use behavioral, electrophysiological, morphological, molecular, and imaging approaches to evaluate changes in retinal function and structure. Our research is guided by applying knowledge of retinal circuits and visual processing, often leading to studies of cognition and the interaction of retinal and visual circuits during health and disease. Our studies start in animal models and move to human trials when possible. We have three main areas of focus:
Principal Investigator:
Machelle Pardue, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellows:
Rachael Allen, PhD
Andrew Feola, PhD
Graduate Students:
Dillon Brown
Bailey Hannon
Erica Landis
Lab Technicians:
Monica Coulter, PhD
Lukas Mees
Cara Motz
Victoria Yang
Kyle Chesler
Undergraduate Students:
Ryan Dunn
Jenny Fu
Ryan Strickland


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