Why Web Leadership?

Why Web Leadership?

Web leadership on Georgia Tech’s campus has shifted significantly since mid 2015, led primarily by staffing and leadership changes.

These changes have slowed innovation and development of campus web assets and creating the next for campus identity, branding, and best-practices.

As a consequence of these changes, there are some web products, services, and features on campus which are now experiencing degraded levels of support and accessibility to general maintenance. A lack of leadership and development strategies for campus-wide products and service offerings means that these products are inflexible to agile development models commonly seen in the web world.

The Problem

Campus web developers have begun selectively implementing modern-day web development products, services, and best practices, as the web has changed significantly since the introduction of the current Georgia Tech theme in September 2013.

However, development efforts of campus assets on that platform have stagnated or been deprecated, leading to independent development by various departments and units.

This fragmentation of development, planning, and support creates problems and concerns for the long-term health of our campus web cohesiveness. Moreover, it also harms the effectiveness of a uniform Georgia Tech digital identity and branding.

The Plan

This working group will serve as a voice for Georgia Tech web users across all roles on campus, to ensure that folks have the resources, help, and information they need to do their work.

The primary deliverable of this working group will be a report housing three aspects:

  1. Current campus web infrastructure and duties, as well as current web projects on campus.
  2. Gaps in coverage, desired features, and missing resources in Georgia Tech’s current web infrastructure.
  3. An in-depth analysis of peer institutions (at scale, geographical location, and academic scope) and their perspective web development infrastructure, resources, and contacts.