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PWP Training Sessions: Summer 2015

gtdug-graphic-hand-wrench-280pxWe are proud to announce the Summer 2015 (and first) edition of PWP Training.

This help-desk style training is meant for you to bring your questions, comments, and concerns, and have a PWP expert work with you on solutions.

Feel free to come by, say hi, and bring your questions and comments! Please bring your laptop computer or tablet device.

Location: Bradley Building – Conference Room (connected to Highland Bakery)
Dates: Wednesday, June 17th and Wednesday, July 15th
Time: 1:30pm – 4:00pm (drop in as needed!)

Bug Fixes, LaTeX Support, Documentation

Preparing for the open-campus pilot in Summer 2015, a few changes have been made to facilitate this process.

Bug Fixes to Forms

One of the plugins PWP uses was causing some irregular and unintended behavior to form submissions. This has been resolved.

LaTeX Support

WP Latex now provides LaTeX support to PWP websites. Enable this plugin to add LaTeX text to your website.


Anyone interested in adding or revising PWP Documentation is welcome to assist. Documentation will be revised and expanded as we approach the open-campus pilot.

Theme Changes, WordPress Updates

On the heels of the last two PWP updates, additional features have been added as we prepare for an open-pilot to all of Georgia Tech’s campus, tentatively scheduled for Summer 2015.

Tertiary Menu Support

GT Boilerplate has been updated to add in support for menu links 3 levels deep in both desktop and mobile form. As we saw a current PWP website incorporating this menu hierarchy, it was imperative to add this support in.

WordPress Update

Our hosted platform, WordPress, has updated with some new features:

Additional embeds (Kickstarter, Tumblr), extended character support, content sharing, emoji, and some under-the-hood improvements.

Learn more at WordPress’ website.