GT Boilerplate 1.4 Released

The PWP team has released GT Boilerplate 1.4, a bug fix for a few issues on PWP website.

This theme has been applied to every PWP website using the theme, so no update or re-configuration is needed.

PWP updated to WordPress 4.2.3

PWP was updated this morning in response to a critical security release by WordPress. Individual websites should not see any major changes, as this release was pegged at bug fixes and security patching.

If any of your PWP website features are not functioning normally, please contact us!

July 2015 – New Plugins

As part of our continued effort during this open pilot to bring in new plugins and features, we have a few plugins to introduce today that will expand what you can do with your PWP websites.

Have a plugin you’d like to see added? Want to give some feedback on PWP? There’s lots of ways to get in contact with the PWP administration team!

100 Websites Hosted on PWP!

57149-100-BSTLWe are proud to announce that as of this morning, Professional Web Presence has over 100 websites and 140 users using the service here at Georgia Tech!

Thank you to each of the faculty, staff, and employee at this wonderful campus for giving the PWP service a try and using PWP for your various website needs.

We are always open to feedback on how to make PWP a better service! Feel free to request a plugin or just let us know how we’re doing.

The Summer 2015 Open Pilot Commences… Today!

As of today, we are officially opening PWP to an open pilot on the campus of Georgia Tech. Any faculty or staff member interested in starting a WordPress website can use PWP to request, administer, and edit their websites.