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Spring cleaning

Hot off the heels of our Fall 2018 site renewal campaign and as we approach 1000 created sites, the PWP team is gearing up some spring cleaning tasks.

Custom Domains and HTTPS Encrypted Access

In the four years since PWP’s creation, the underlying service has added a new custom domain configuration that supports encrypted access (HTTPS) and better subdomain handling (no more Customizer bugs).

As a consequence, the PWP team must migrate the subdomains over to the new configuration and remove older configurations.

We will process this change the week of March 22, 2019. Existing subdomains will not be affected.

PWP Site Renewal: Next Steps

Final deletion of Fall 2018 non-renewed sites will occur on May 31 2019 (tentative).

Plugin Cleanup and Removal

We are presently examining plugins which have been abandoned by their developers and removing those which we can no longer support on PWP. We will send out notifications as needed when removing plugins that are actively being used by sites.

Giving Back and Building Community

2019 is a new year, and to meet those resolutions, PWP is giving back to the larger web development community.

We contribute code back on Github, build and extend our documentation, and steer regional and national web development events.

Did you know we are also looking for new team members to Create the Next? If you work at Georgia Tech and are interested in joining the PWP team, send us an email.

Fall 2018 site renewal campaign in review

PWP has successfully completed the first annual renewal review campaign to identify outdated and abandoned websites and ensure websites have proper administrative contacts.

Thank you so much to each site administrator who renewed your website, reached out to the PWP team with questions, or processed your unneeded website for removal.

We will be repeating the site renewal campaign for Fall 2019. However, all of you have provided incredible feedback and further insight into our process, so we will be delivering a better site renewal experience for you in the future.

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Weekly Maintenance Window Starting Sunday, December 16th, 2018

To ensure that Professional Web Presence (PWP) stays secure and stable, we will be implementing a very short weekly maintenance window during which access to PWP will be unavailable. This window will be 5 AM to 5:15 AM on Sunday mornings, but realistically PWP should normally be available again by 5:05 AM if not even earlier.

Please be aware that during this window, you will not be able to access PWP for viewing or updating of sites. Once the weekly maintenance ends, access will resume as normal. No action on the part of our individual PWP site administrators is necessary.