Unexpected Downtime (March 27)

Professional Web Presence (PWP) underwent unexpected downtime on the morning of Sunday, March 26th 2017. All PWP websites were unavailable until 8:10am March 27th 2017.

We apologize for this unexpected downtime. 

Unexpected Downtime (Jan 10)

Professional Web Presence (PWP) underwent unexpected downtime on the morning of Tuesday, January 10th 2017. All PWP websites were unavailable in the morning until approximately 10:20am EST.

We apologize for this unexpected downtime.

We have determined that the issue was caused by a hardware problem which has been resolved.

Georgia Tech Branding Update

As part of Professional Web Presence’s commitment to stay ahead of Georgia Tech’s web branding and identity, the GT Branding (Deprecated) plugin will be replaced by the GT Branding plugin on Friday, December 2nd 2016.

The update process will not be automatic – any website currently using GT Branding (Deprecated) will need to enable the GT Branding theme and disable the GT Branding (Deprecated) plugin.

Security Change for PWP Siteowners

As scheduled in the July 2016 news post:

Starting on August 15th 2016, all PWP websites will require an on-campus connection through the VPN service for any admin user off campus.

  • Any user administering their website on campus will see no change.
  • Any user administering their website off campus must use the Georgia Tech VPN service to access PWP administrative pages.

We realize this means site administrators will require the extra step of connecting to the VPN, but the frequency of successful WordPress exploits and site defacements convinces us that restricting administrative access is a necessary step.

This change is now in place for all PWP websites.

New Plugin – GT Branding v0.1

The PWP team is proud to announce GT Branding – a new plugin designed solely to easily apply Georgia Tech branding on a PWP website.

If you require or want a Georgia Tech header and/or footer on your website, enable this plugin to provide this functionality.