Project List Oil Regeneration for Potato Chip Production

Oil Regeneration for Potato Chip Production

This is the Capstone Design project our team did for PepsiCo. Normal potato chips are flash-fried in a continuous process. Kettle chips, on the other hand, are deep-fried in oil one batch at a time. This deep-frying process is why kettle chips look and taste different from normal chips.

After several hundred batches, the oil contains too much free fatty acids and this starts affecting the taste of the chips. Continually selling this used oil and replacing it with fresh oil costs a lot of money.

Our Solution
We designed a system to clean up the used oil so PepsiCo can reuse it in their fryers. Our system is based on the adsorbent bentonite. We produced an executive report detailing the technical and safety aspects of our proposed system, as well as how much money it’d save the plant to implement our system and what additional questions they still need to answer in order to properly implement it.