Fun Facts

Fun activities of choice

  1. Finishing a book in two days or less
  2. Social ballroom dancing (I know the basics to waltz, foxtrot, rumba, tango, cha cha, salsa, and East and West Coast swing. Still working on quickstep and hustle)
  3. Jamming out with my 10-year old guitar

Favorite book genres

  1. Historical non-fiction (especially on ancient civilizations, World War eras, history of religions)
  2. Young Adult novels
  3. Encyclopedias (no, seriously. I have a collection of short encyclopedias on topics ranging from philosophy to Shakespeare’s plays)

Top three bucket list items

  1. Travel to at least one country in every continent (I’ve only got Europe and Asia down so far)
  2. Have degrees in at least three unrelated fields
  3. Be the keynote speaker at a commencement ceremony

Favorite music genres

  1. Good old 2000’s top 40 hits
  2. Broadway showtunes (I know every word to almost every song in Legally Blonde)
  3. Frank Sinatra