About Natasha

Tell me about yourself!
I am a Chemical Engineering Master’s student who finished her undergraduate degree and thought, “I want to do more school”.  The projects I have worked on are centered around lignocellulosic biomass, particularly wood chips, and how we can better utilize the parts of wood pulping facilities usually burn off for energy. I believe that as a researcher it is my duty to make sure my work is as accessible to as many people as possible, so I am continuously learning how to better communicate the projects I am involved in.

What research project are you working on?

Our research group is designing a pre-treatment method to remove lignin from wood chips before cooking them into pulp that is used to make paper, because lignin removal is a time- and energy-consuming part of the cooking process. I model the washing of wood chips after this pre-treatment to ensure that the solvent used is recovered. For more of the nitty-gritty details, go here!

What else do you do?
I work at the GT Library as an IT Support Assistant, fixing computer-related problems for the Library faculty and staff members. I am also on the Speaker’s Committee for the Women’s Leadership Conference, where we coordinate speakers for the keynote and different workshops at the conference. For random tidbits from my non-work life, check out this not-BuzzFeed style list.

How can we get in touch?
Email me! I’m always excited to chat about everything from my projects to book recommendations.