A student working in the Aero Maker Space
A student cutting foam pieces out using the ** machine in the Aero Maker Space

Aero Maker Space

With locations in two buildings (the second floor of the Weber SST building and the basement of the Montgomery Knight building), the Aero Maker Space (AMS) provides students, faculty and staff with access to, and training for, a vast array of rapid prototyping equipment. The entire operation is overseen by AE faculty, but the day-to-day activities are coordinated by specially trained students and staff who supervise the safe and proper use of all equipment and train others in the same. At the beginning of each term, new students are offered training that will allow them to assume paid positions in the AMS environment. The lab is open during posted hours throughout the academic year, but it is not unusual to find authorized student lab techs poring over projects long after the doors have closed for the day.

Weber Facility

Located in the street-level foyer of the Weber SST Building, this facility houses prototyping and wood working equipment. It features eight consumer-grade 3D printers, two professional-grade 3D printers, two laser cutters, an electronics workbench, and all manner of hand and power tools. The wood working facility located in the back room is equipped with standard wood working equipment as well as a vacuum former and CNC foam cutter.


Montgomery Knight Facility

The metal working and composites manufacturing components of the Aero Maker Space are located in the former AE machine shop, in the basement of the Montgomery Knight Building. This section of the AMS is equipped with vacuum bagging equipment and pumps as well as a large format curing oven. The professionally staffed metal working machine shop is equipped with manual and CNC lathes and mills, wire EDM, welding, a water jet, and a large format CNC router.