Charles C. Kemp, Ph.D.
Director, Healthcare Robotics Lab
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Interactive Computing
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Current Students

Zackory Erickson

Robotics Ph.D. Student
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering



Henry Clever

Robotics Ph.D. Student
Department of Biomedical Engineering



Vamsee Gangaram

Undergraduate Student
College of Computing



Eliot Xing

Undergraduate Student
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering



Bharat Srirangam

Undergraduate Student
College of Computing



Virtual Lab Members

Henry Evans




Jane Evans




Alumni – Ph.D. & Post-Doc

Ari Kapusta

Ariel “Ari”  Kapusta

Robotics Ph.D. – 2018
Robotics Engineer at ENWAY



Daehyung Park

Daehyung Park

Robotics Ph.D. – 2018
Post-Doc with Nick Roy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Phillip M. Grice

Robotics Ph.D.  –  2017
Robotics Scientist at Bossa Nova Robotics



Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee

Tapomayukh “Tapo” Bhattacharjee

Robotics Ph.D.  –  2017
Post-Doc with Sidd Srinivasa at the University of Washington



Aaron KingAaron King, Ph.D.

Former Post-Doc
Engineering Manager, New Product Development, ThyssenKrupp




Mohamed Sahbi Bellamine, Ph.D.

Former Visiting Fullbright Scholar

National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (INSAT) in Tunisia



Tiffany Chen

Tiffany Chen, Ph.D.

Robotics Ph.D.  –  2014
Manager, Human Machine Interaction Research, Toyota Research Institute (TRI)



Hai Nguyen

Hai Nguyen, Ph.D.

Robotics Ph.D.  –  2014
Until recently a Robotics Engineer at Mayfield Robotics



 Marc Killpack, Ph.D.

Robotics Ph.D.  –  2013
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bringham Young University


Advait Jain

Advait Jain, Ph.D.

Robotics Ph.D.  –  2012
Senior Software Engineer at Google



Travis Deyle

Travis Deyle, Ph.D.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D.  –  2011
CEO of Cobalt Robotics
MIT Technology Review’s 35 under 35 Innovator  –  2015


Young Sang Choi
Young Sang Choi, Ph.D.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Ph.D.  –  2009
Senior Researcher
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology



Alumni – Graduate

Joshua Wade – Master’s Student

Yash Chitalia – Ph.D. Student

Ashwin A. Shenoi – Master’s Student

Kevin Chow – Master’s Student

Jeff Hawke – Master’s Student

Kelsey Hawkins – Master’s Student

Victor Emeli – Ph.D. Student

Jason Okerman – Master’s Student

Elaine Short – Visiting Ph.D. Student (from Maja J Mataric’s lab at USC)

Zhengqin Fan – Ph.D. Student

Zhe Xu – Ph.D. Student

Martin Schuster – Master’s Student

Cressel Anderson – Master’s Student


Alumni – Undergraduate

Katie Sosnowski – Visiting Undergraduate Student

Mallak Taleb – Visiting Undergraduate Student

Ho Keun Kim – Undergraduate Student

Haoping “Felix” Bai – Undergraduate Student

Haofeng “Alex” Chen – Undergraduate Student

Austin Jang – Undergraduate Student

Yuuna Hoshi – Undergraduate Student

Nathan Luskey – Undergraduate Student

Ryan Williams – Undergraduate Student

Rohith Krishnan – Undergraduate Student

Maggie Collier – Visiting Undergraduate Student

Chansu Kim – Undergraduate Student

Linda Komnang Liezu – Visiting Undergraduate Student

You-Keun Kim – Undergraduate Student

Megan Rich – Undergraduate Student

Hyder Hasnian – Undergraduate Student

Zackory Erikson – Visiting Undergraduate Student

Christopher Birmingham – Visiting Undergraduate Student (Marshall Scholar)

Caleb Little – Visiting Undergraduate Student

Sarvagya “Survy” Vaish – Undergraduate Student

Jacquelyn Borinski – Undergraduate Student

Kayode Sanni – Visiting Undergraduate Student

Alex McNeely – Undergraduate Student

Carlos Torres – Undergraduate Student

Sugandha Arora – Undergraduate Student

Kristina Falkenstrom – Undergraduate Student

Mrinal “Neil” Rath – Undergraduate Student

Joel Mathew – Undergraduate Student

Ishwarya Venkatachalam – Undergraduate Student