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  • Recent News

Our IROS 2017 work on multimodal execution monitoring made IEEE spectrum’s Video Friday.

Our paper, A Multimodal Execution Monitor with Anomaly Classification for Robot-Assisted Feeding was accepted to IROS 2017.

Our paper, Small forces that differ with prior motor experience can communicate movement goals during human-human physical interaction was accepted to the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation.

Our work on fabric-based multimodal sensing skin was covered by IEEE Spectrum.

Zackory Erickson and Ari Kapusta both had papers accepted to ICRA 2017.

US News & World Report named Georgia Tech’s Department of Biomedical Engineering the #1 Undergraduate Program, and the #2 Graduate Program.

Ari Kapusta and Kevin Chow both presented work at RO-MAN 2016 in New York, NY.

We are very excited to welcome four undergraduates : Rohith Krishnan, Haoping Bai, Haofeng Chen, and Ryan Williams to our lab. We look forward to working with them.

Our paper, Force and Thermal Sensing with a Fabric-based Skin was accepted to the IROS 2016 Workshop on See, Touch, and Hear : 2nd Workshop on Multimodal Sensor-based Robot Control for HRI and Soft Manipulation.

Our paper, “A CRF that Combines Touch and Vision for Haptic Mapping,” was accepted to IROS 2016.

Our paper, “Collaboration Between a Robotic Bed and a Mobile Manipulator May Improve Physical Assistance for People with Disabilities,” was accepted to the RO-MAN 2016 Workshop on Behavior Adaptation, Interaction, and Learning for Assistive Robots.