Mark Hay’s Former Students

Mark Hay’s Former Students

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Niels Lindquist – now Professor in Marine Sciences at Univ. of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Emmett Duffy (Ph.D. 1989, Postdoc 1991-1992) – now Director of Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, and Adjunct Professor at William & Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Martin Wahl – now Professor, University of Kiel, Germany

Philip Levin – then Fisheries Scientist, NW Fisheries Science Center; now Professor of Practice at College of the Environment, University of Washington

Richard Taylor – now Senior Lecturer, Marine Science, Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand

John Jay Stachowicz (Ph.D. 1998, Postdoc) – now Professor of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis

Chris Caudill – now Assistant Professor, Dept of Fish and Wildlife Sciences, Univ. of Idaho

Todd Barsby – then Associate Professor, Univ. of Ontario Institute of Technology; now Department Chair and Professor, Chemistry, Vancouver Island University

Gabriela Smalley – now Associate Professor of Geological and Marine Sciences, Rider University

Nancy Schoeppner – Biology Teacher at Beaufort High School, SC

Sebastian Engel (2013-2015) – now at NIH

Roberta Bonaldo – now Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Ecology, Universidad de Sao Paulo

Danielle Dixson (2011-2013) – now Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Tonya Shearer (2005-2014) – now President & Chief Scientist of AMEGEN Consulting, LLC; PADI Scuba Instructor; Owner, Director and Marine Biologist at Discover Science Center

Esther Ngumbi (Schlumberger Foundation Fellow 2011-2012) – now Post Doctoral Researcher at Auburn University

Guilherme Ortigara Longo – now Associate Professor, Department of Oceanography and Limnology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Former Graduate Students

Catherine A. Pfister (M.S. 1987) – then Ph.D. U. Washington; now Professor, Ecology and Evolution, Univ. of Chicago

Paul E. Renaud (M.S. 1988) – then Ph.D. Gothenberg University, Sweden; now Senior Scientist at High North Research Centre, Akvaplan Niva, Tromsø, Norway

Terry Brunone (M.S. 1988) – supervisor at BioAbstracts

Laura Matthews (M.S. 1991) – present position unknown

Timothy Schmitt (M.S. 1991) – now an ecologist at Engineering Science, Inc.

Robbin Trindell (Ph.D. 1991) – now Biological Administrator for the State of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Marine Turtle Protection Program

Gregory Cronin (Ph.D. 1994) – now Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Colorado, Denver

Margaret (Wohlenberg) Miller (Ph.D. 1994) – now Ecologist (Benthic/Coral Unit Leader) NOAA-Fisheries, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Miami, FL

Robin Bolser (M.S. 1995) – then a Ph.D. student at UC Santa Barbara; UC Regents Fellowship, an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship, and an EPA pre-doctoral fellowship… then lost contact…(Robin, if you are out there, email sometime).

Michael Deal (Ph.D. 1997) – then Research Scientist at University of California San Diego; now a Professor at UC San Diego Extension

Daniel Malone (M.S. 1997) – then Research Analyst, UC Santa Cruz; now Research Specialist at PISCO and UCSC

Giancarlo Cetrulo (M.S. 1998) – then Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations; now COSEE Florida Partnership Manager, Ocean Research and Conservation Association

Edwin Cruz-Rivera (Ph.D. 1998) – then Assistant Professor of Marine Biology, School of Science and Engineering, American University, Cairo; now Associate Professor of Biology, College of Science and Mathematics, University of the Virgin Islands

Stephan Bullard (Ph.D. 2000) – now Associate Professor of Biology, University of Hartford

Stephanie Wear (M.S. 2000) – now Marine Ecologist and Spokesperson, and Senior Scientist and Strategy Advisor, The Nature Conservancy Global Marine Initiative

Erik Sotka (Ph.D. 2001) – then Post-doc at Harvard and Stanford; now Professor of Biology and at the Grice Marine Lab, College of Charleston

Cynthia Kicklighter (Ph.D. 2003) – then Post-doc at Georgia State; now Associate Professor of Biology, Goucher College

Jeremy Long (Ph.D. 2004) – then Post-doc at Northeastern University; now Assistant Professor, Biology, San Diego State University

John Parker (Ph.D. 2005) – then Post-doc at Cornell; now Principal Investigator, Senior Scientist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD

Deron Burkepile (Ph.D. 2006) – then Brown Post-doc at Yale; now an Associate Professor of Biology at Florida International University

Alan Wilson (Ph.D. 2006) – then Post-doc University of Michigan; now Associate Professor of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures at Auburn University

Amanda Hollebone (Ph.D. 2006) – now Marine Conservation Biology faculty, CIEE Research Station, Bonaire

Wendy Morrison (Ph.D. 2010) – now Knauss Post-doctoral Fellow, NOAA, Washington, DC

Zachary Marion (M.S. 2010) – now in the Ph.D. program at University of Tennessee

Keri (Goodman) Kemp (M.S. 2011) – now in the Ph.D. program at University of Georgia

Melanie Heckman (M.S. 2011) – now Education Program Manager, Wylde Center, Environmental Education in Georgia

Tiffany Andras (M.S. 2012, Technician) – now Owner and instructor at A Mindful Heart Yoga and owner and founder at FreEDM Fest

Douglas Rasher (Ph.D. 2012, Post Doc) – now Senior Research Scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

David Gibbs (M.S. 2014) – now Environmental Consultant with firm in Washington, D.C.

Claire Dell (Ph.D. 2016) – now Visiting Assistant Professor at Project Dragonfly, Miami University

Former Technicians

Chris Lane (Technician)