Research Surgical Assessment and motion characterization

Surgical Assessment and motion characterization

The assessment of surgical competence and technical skills in a clinical setting is crucial to the training, evaluation, and credentialing of surgeons, whether using traditional manual instruments or teleoperative robotic devices. Performance assessment is also expensive, requiring hours of expert surgeons’ time for junior surgeon observation and reporting, and is innately subjective (human input) regardless of the assessment technique used. We propose to streamline the assessment of surgical performance and the administration of technical skill training by creating an automated surgical proficiency assessment framework with the primary objectives of:

  • Establishing statistical correlations between quantitative measures of surgical skill (motion data) and qualitative surgical performance evaluations (expert surgeon evaluation of both technical and non-technical skills), and
  •  Embedding these relations in an objective, autonomous algorithm capable of predicting a surgeon’s experience level and competency based on the motions of their instruments.