By. Anna Marie Blackburn

A playlist to prepare your emotions for the roller coaster of your freshman year at Georgia Tech. Here’s to classes that challenge you, friends that find you, and nights that you never want to end. Happy listening 🙂

August… New Atlanta by. Migos

Welcome to Atlanta! The parents are gone, the dorm is decorated, and it is finally time to see what college is all about. Explore the city and make tons of new friends because this will be the best year of your life.

September… Ramblin’ Wreck by. Georgia Band Tech Marching Band

It is the start of the new football season and if this isn’t stuck in your head now… it will be in just a few short weeks. Nothing beats the pride of a GT student singing the greatest song in the state and screaming “To Hell with Georgia” at the top of their lungs.


October… Dixie Land Delight by. Alabama

On any given game day as we wrap up the season, you can hear this classic country song blaring from almost any tailgate on campus. One of the many ways to get the Jacket fans ready to celebrate a win (whether the scoreboard agrees or not).

November… Rake it Up by. Yo Gotti

We all know that GT makes it hard to get out in four years (but really why would you want to)! November is when you start to see all of the graduates accept the job offers they have spent hours working towards and RAKE UP a fat paycheck!

December… Stressed Out by. Twenty One Pilots

For all of the rest of the students not in a cap and gown, it’s finals time!!! Don’t let the exclamation confuse you, finals are death. Even if you know all of the material and only have two finals, you are stressed out by association with the psychopaths that will start a fight for a CULC seat.

January … Boys are Back in Town by. Thin Lizzy

New year, same old crazy friends. You are back from break feeling fresh and ready for action. Catch up with the friends you’ve only seen through Snapchat the past few weeks and seize every opportunity to celebrate the halfway point. It will be over before you know it.

Feburary… Mine by. Bazzi

Let me let you in on a little secret… you thought Valentine’s in elementary school was obnoxious, wait until you get to college. BEWARE: cuffing season is in full swing. You would think that college is all about random hookups and uncertainty, but most fellas here are serious about two things: their resume and their relationships.

March … Suntan City by. Luke Bryan

You have been waiting for this week since August. This is what you see in the movies and Spring break is a week full of nights you won’t remember and friends you’ll never forget with tan lines and towels everywhere you look. Make sure you book your house early and gather the girls for a week in the sun.

April… I love College by. Asher Roth

Well you made it! IF you are lucky then all of your exams are completed, and you have a killer internship or study abroad program lined up for the next 3 months. I can only hope you have found friends to last a lifetime and you have stories to look back on that will make you laugh or cry or even both. Time flies when you’re having fun!