Your Personality Described by GT Buildings

Everyone has a role in their friend group. We’ve described some of them as popular buildings on campus. Which one are you and your friends?

1. Tech Tower

Tech Tower is your “day one ride or die”, the loyal and dependable friend who has always been there. Classic, iconic, and photographs well.

2. Architecture Building

Architecture is the artsy friend who only takes pictures when the lighting is good. Hobbies include “rooftopping”, exploring the city, and photographing their avocado toast. Is most likely VSCO famous.

3. Campus Recreation Center

The CRC is the athletic friend who “enjoys” working out. Knows how to correctly pronounce acai bowl. Raves about the benefits of endorphins. Suspected of roid rage.

4. Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons

The CULC is the self-proclaimed extrovert who always has to be surrounded by people. Modern and always up to date on the latest trends. Was an extra in the Internship.

5. Klaus

Klaus is the friend who only goes out on Fridays and secretly judges friends who go out on weekdays. Invests in BITCOIN. Owns a Google Pixel and argues with you about the inferiority of your Apple product.

6. Paper Tricentennial Building

The Paper Building is the friend who never shows up to anything. Only reacts to messages in the group text. You’ll see them at graduation (maybe).

7. Scheller College of Business

Scheller is the friend you can’t go anywhere with because they know everyone. Attends networking events and owns a padfolio. Sends LinkedIn requests. Always organizes the group hangs.

8. West Village

West village is the quiet friend you never think is listening but will remember everything you said. Has killer spotify playlists. Uses all of their Dining Dollars at Panera.