Our goal is to create a voice for first year Georgia Tech students. The Tech experience is so different from many other universities, as we have all found out by talking to our friends who attend other schools. Thus, it is important that incoming students learn about the unique aspects of student life at Georgia Tech. While more experienced students focus on job offers, internships, and co-ops, first-years struggle to simply make a smooth transition from high school to college. Whether that means adjusting to life with a roommate, learning how to do laundry, or even figuring out how to wake yourself up in the morning, students making these adjustments need a forum to discuss this period in their lives. This magazine will provide a window into the habits and challenges of everyday Georgia Tech students so that curious high school scholars will have access to GT specific information.

At the top you will find our investigative and personal articles, while the sidebar is home to lighter, more interactive pieces. We hope you enjoy  and learn a little more about why we love Georgia Tech so much. Go Jackets!

Ferst Look Editors