Christine P. Ries
Prof of Economics
Georgia Tech

Christine P. Ries received a PhD in International Business Economics from The University of Chicago (1977) and came to Georgia Tech as Professor and Chair (1997-99) of the School of Economics.  She has previously held faculty positions at The Harvard Business School, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke, the Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center at Claremont, and at Stanford University.

Dr. Ries studies and teaches principles of free market economics and their application in corporate decision making and the creation of economic value for companies, states and countries.  She is a specialist in international financial economics, corporate financial management, and organizational economics and governance.  In this context, her work has extended into issues of Big Data as it affects corporate and industrial transformation and public policy and analysis.  Her work ties together foreign exchange risk management, corporate decision-making, strategy and corporate value.  This work has extended into value-based analytics in a global economy.  She has addressed corporate political risk in assessing how corporate strategies predict and respond to shifts in government trade, commercial and capital controls policies.  Her articles include publications in The Journal of International Business Studies, The Harvard Business Review, Euromoney, and The Financial Analysts’ Journal, among others.  She is the author of over 20 widely used case studies that have been published by the Harvard Business School and reprinted elsewhere. She has served as consultant and advisor to many U.S. and foreign corporations, financial institutions, universities, and governments.  These include IBM, Citicorp, Morgan Guarantee Trust, Chase Manhattan Bank, Barclays Bank, Lucky Goldstar Corp., and others.


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