ECE 3005: ECE Professional and Technical Communication

graphic_coursesECE 3005: ECE Professional and Technical Communication


Who should take this course?

This course is designed to satisfy the junior-level communication requirements for:

(1) transfer students who received credit for ECE 20×2 instead of ECE 2031 at Georgia Tech or

(2) students who prefer to receive instruction in a traditional classroom setting

What assignments are required?

The course consists of four major assignments:

Career Fair Resume
Work Plan/Project Proposal (1 page) (*Required consultation)
Technical Document (5-7 pages) (*Required consultation)
Technical Presentation (10-minutes)

How is the course structured?

The course is structured to ensure appropriate instruction and maximum flexibility by using weekly lectures to focus on information needed by all students, and tailoring the required writing and presentation deliverables to the specific needs of individuals.

What will I write about?

Students will work with the instructor to identify writing and presentation options that correspond to the ECE courses in which they are currently enrolled or co-curricular activities in which they are involved. Technical content for all communication assignments will be derived from existing ECE course work or approved co-op or co-curricular activities.

Are there any co-requisites?

Students taking ECE 3005 must be concurrently enrolled in at least one junior- or senior-level ECE course/lab.  Full-time co-op students can also take the course.

When do I have to take this?

Students will not be permitted to take ECE 4011 (Culminating Design Project I) until they have passed ECE 3005 (or ECE 3006).  Students will be able to register for ECE 4011 while enrolled in ECE 3005, but will be dropped from ECE 4011 if they do not pass ECE 3005.