ECE Communication Requirements


The ECE professional communications requirements are changing, along with the overall BSEE and BSCmpE curricula. Starting in summer 2012, students will be able to choose how they receive technical writing and presentation help at the junior level, and they will be able to choose what type of communication tasks they want to work on. The new instructional model means more flexibility, more options, and highly relevant, individualized communication instruction for ECE’s undergrads.

UPCP Requirements Table


Students are required to take ECE 2031, Digital Design Laboratory, which is the first of several writing intensive courses within the curriculum.

ECE 2031: Digital Design Laboratory

Design and implementation of digital systems, including a team design project. CAD tools, project design methodologies, logic synthesis, and assembly language programming.  Technical writing skills are developed through laboratory reports, project documentation, and an oral presentation.


Students have the option of taking either ECE 3005, which is a traditional classroom course, or by ECE 3006, which lets students take advantage of communication that they are already doing in ECE co-curricular activities

ECE 3005: ECE Professional and Technical Communication

This course is designed to satisfy the junior-level communication requirements for (1) transfer students who received credit for ECE 20×2 instead of ECE 2031 at Georgia Tech, and (2) students who prefer to receive instruction in a traditional classroom setting.


ECE 3006: ECE Co-Curricular Professional Communication

ECE 3006 offers maximum flexibility and nearly unlimited options for completing the junior level communication requirement. Students who choose this option will work one-on-one with UPCP faculty to complete deliverables associated with approved workshops, seminars, research projects, co-op or internships, and co-curricular activities. The UPCP faculty will offer individualized instruction and review of papers, posters, and presentations for ECE undergraduates currently participating in GT-supported organizations, research groups, and competitions.


Students are required to take ECE 4011 and ECE 4012, which constitute a two semester culminating design sequence to satisfy the major design requirement for EE and CmpE majors.

ECE 4011: ECE Culminating Design Project I

First semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Design tools, financial principles, project management, probabilistic and statistical techniques, team forming. Requires formal reports and group presentations.


ECE 4012: ECE Culminating Design Project II

Second semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Team project in ECE incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints. Requires formal reports and group presentations.