ECE 2040: Laboratory Modules

ECE 2040: Laboratory Modules

ECE2040 course has several minilabs that relate to the theoretical material covered in the course. Students are required to purchase the National Instruments myDAQ board, a parts kit, a wiring kit, and a breadboard. Wiring kits and breadboards used for other courses are acceptable. The myDAQ can be purchased from here or at the Georgia Tech Barnes and Nobles. It will ask for your educational verification. You can take a picture of your GT course schedule for the semester and upload that file.

The parts kit, wiring kit, and the prototyping board should be purchased from the Georgia Tech Shopping Mall, under the category of ECE Classroom Kits. Some students are confused by the “Section Number”. If you are registered for ECE2040A, then enter “A” in the Section Number field. The deadline for ordering the materials from the Georgia Tech Shopping Mall is the end of the second week of class.

Prior to the first in-class lab (week 2), you should go through Lab 0 on your own to ensure that you are familiar with the myDAQ platform and have downloaded the software necessary to operate the myDAQ. For the in-class lab, you will need to print Lab 1 and perform the pre-lab (show your work on the lab worksheet). Bring the lab instructions to your class.

There are some short tutorial videos that will help you prepare for Lab 1:






Note: You will need the myDAQ board for at least ECE2020, ECE2040, and ECE3084. It will also be useful for Senior Design, so please hang on to it.