How to Apply

Application process for Full PhD candidates

Step 1:
Application for Admission to Georgia Institute of Technology
For admission procedures, please visit:
Degree Programs:

In the application materials, indicate that you are applying for the: “China Scholarship Council – Georgia Institute of Technology Joint Scholarship program”.

Step 2:
Find an advisor at Georgia Institute of Technology
Students must find a suitable advisor who would agree to advise them in their areas of research.

Step 3:
Acceptance letter by March 20

Ask your advisor to write you an acceptance letter. The letter must be signed by your advisor and printed on Georgia Institute of Technology letterhead paper.

Step 4:
Apply for the CSC scholarship between March 20 and April 5

Apply for the CSC scholarship.
An essential document for the application is the acceptance letter mentioned under step 3. Please visit the CSC website for the additional documents that you need for the scholarship application.

Step 5:
List of suitable candidates March 20

Georgia Institute of Technology will provide the China Scholarship Council with a list of suitable candidates to be considered for the scholarship program.

Step 6:
Decision end of May

The decision on the scholarship application will be communicated by the China Scholarship Council directly to the student and to Georgia Institute of Technology.

Admitted students who are awarded the funding should contact the school staff about their enrollment. General time to Georgia Institute of Technology for admitted students is September, but you can ensure the specific time according to the invitation letter or official letter of admission.

Step 7:
Procedures for Abroad Study

Sign “funding agreement to study abroad” and notarial deposit margin, get “international travel health certificate”, contact study visa application services and ticket booking procedures.

How to apply for a U.S. Student Visa?
Please visit the Georgia Tech Office of International Education at:

Step 8:
Study Abroad

Contact abroad service agencies to receive tickets and visa. Please note: Study eligibility will be automatically canceled for candidates who do not arrive on time.

For more information about the China Scholarship Council – Post-graduate Study Abroad Program and scholarship application guidance, please contact:

Address: China Scholarship Council
Level 13, Building A3 No.9 Chegongzhuang Ave
Beijing 100044
Peoples Republic of China
Tel: +86-10-66093945