Biggest Benefit

The biggest benefit of receiving this scholarship is that there is a better chance to join a group that the student is most interested in. Since sometimes a faculty member would not take a student due to the lack of funding, getting the scholarship would enable the student to match with a faculty member that he or she really wants to work with.


  1. Lifang Wang says:

    I am accepted to the MSHCI program for Fall 2016. Can master degree student also apply for this scholarship? What exactly is the way to apply? I couldn’t find any apply button on either georgia tech website or the China Scholar Council webset, which is utterly confusing in itself.

  2. Dalin Guo says:

    Should I wait until receiving official admission letter to apply for CSC?

  3. 大家有什么疑问,都可以在这上面留言哦。

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