Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

BC 6005 Technology Applications in the Construction Industry

This course provides a hands-on exploration of various present and future technologies that can be applied in all stages of a facilities’ life-cycle.  The course focuses on the Software and hardware tools and technologies such as BIM, Laser Scanning, Drones, scheduling, contract management software etc.

 BC 6675 Residential Design and Construction

The course focuses on the design (overview) and construction (in depth) required for efficient delivery of residential structures.

BC 6025 Project Management

An introductory course on construction management for building construction projects. This class will involve a variety of activities that introduce you to the breadth of construction management: engineering economics. Elements of planning and financing. Design and construction activities. Legal and safety issues.

CEE 4130 Construction Safety and Health 

Fundamentals to safety and health as they apply to civil infrastructure and building construction. Topics include planning, design, management, rules and guidelines, best practices, and inspection of safety and health.

BC 4630 Senior Capstone Project

This project course is the application of course materials covered in the four-year curriculum to an actual construction project with a simulated business construct.  Project includes developing a company organization, preparing a bid on a construction project approved by the course professor, executing all documents necessary to create the company, create a project management plan, and complete documents typical for a construction contract.

BC 2610 Construction Technology 1

An introduction to the planning and physical development process for the construction of projects of residential and light construction scale. The goal of the course is to provide a broad background and general knowledge of materials and methods in construction.

BC 2620 Construction Technology 2

An introduction to the planning and physical development process for the construction of commercial projects. The goal of the course is to provide a broad background and general knowledge of building codes and safety standards, materials and systems, and various heavy construction equipment.

BC SP8833 Sustainable Construction Technology

An exploration of construction materials, methods and related technologies in the broad context of residential and commercial building construction considering their sustainability implications. The course also covers basic construction technology. Students have the opportunity to explore their own solutions to inefficient use of materials and methods.

BC SP8833 Virtual Construction Operations Analysis

The need for an integrated approach in the conception, planning, and execution of construction projects will be met by professionals versed in the technologies available to facilitate such integration. This course will prepare students to perform pre-project analysis using the latest technologies for planning complex projects considering safety, schedule, and cost implications.

Seminars and Short Courses

Course: Estimating for Contractors – Kennesaw State University Continuing Education

Course: Construction Management – Kennesaw State University Continuing Education

Course: Construction with Drones – Has been offered for the Associated General Contractors of America. Can be offered to other groups if requested.