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DRONE Technology for AECO Applications

The construction industry lags behind many others in the rate of adoption of cutting edge technologies. In the area of safety management this is more so. Many advances in information technology could provide great benefits to this important aspect of construction operations. Innovative use of these tools could result in safer jobsites. The initial stage of project explored the application of drone technology in the construction industry. In this study, a small-scale aerial drone is used as a tool for exploring potential benefits to safety managers within construction jobsites. The drones used in our research are aerial quadcopters that can be piloted remotely using a smart phone, tablet device, radio control or a computer. Since the drones are equipped with video cameras, the can provide safety managers and others on site with fast access to images as well as real time videos from a range of locations around the jobsite An expert analysis (heuristic evaluation) as well as a user participation analysis approach are used to determine the features of an ideal safety inspection drone. Our team has performed laboratory and field tests in various locations and project types. Research in ongoing and results are disseminated on a regular basis. Visit the publications section of our site to learn more about the results of our research.

Sponsored Research:

Project: Field Test based Guidelines Development for the Integration of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in GDOT Operations
Sponsor: Georgia Department of Transportation
Status: Work in Progress (2016 -2018)

Project: Evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in Construction Progress Monitoring Applications: A Case Study of the City of Atlanta Water Supply Program
Sponsor: PC Russell Company
Status: Completed 2016

Project: Evaluation of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Construction Safety Applications: A Case Study at Unilever Manufacturing Facility
Sponsor: Unilever Inc.
Status: Completed 2015

Project: Feasibility study to determine the economic and operational benefits of utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Sponsor: Georgia Department of Transportation
Status: Completed 2014

Application of Augmented Reality Technology for Facility Management

The Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/Operator (AECO) industry is constantly seeking new methods to increase efficiency and productivity. Facility Managers (FMs) as a part of owner/operator position, usually work in complex and dynamic environments where they have to make important decisions. This decision-making process and its consequent performance can be improved by enhancing Situation Awareness (SA) of the FMs through new digital technologies. In this project, InfoSPOT (Information Surveyed Point for Observation and Tracking), as a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) tool, is recommended to FMs to access the information about the facilities they maintain.  AR has been considered as a viable option to reduce inefficiencies of data overload by providing FMs with a SA tool to visualize their “real-world” locations with added interactive data. An experimental approach is used to perform user participation analysis to evaluate the features of the InfoSPOT. This innovative application of AR has the potential to improve construction practices, and in this case, facilitate facility management practices.

Sponsored Research:

Project: Design and Construction Applications of BIM-Based Mobile Augmented Reality
Sponsor: Digital Building Lab
Status: Completed 2014

Project: BIM2MAR: Exchange Method and Workflow for Efficient BIM Translation to Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) Applications in AECO Practices
Sponsor: Digital Building Lab
Status: Completed 2013