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Elise Cade is a first year PhD student in the Applied Physiology department. She is on the T32 grant and decided to join the CNL lab group for my first lab rotation. She is originally from Churchville, New York, where she grew up and attended a local college, The College at Brockport, SUNY. She double majored in Biology and Chemistry, originally looking to pursue veterinary school. She primarily did research in a physical chemistry laboratory, looking into the physical aggregation properties of several ionic liquids in low polarity solvents, but also did some work in a microbiology lab that looked at protein expression of trypanosoma brucei, which causes African sleeping sickness. She decided later on in my studies that she was actually more interested in pursuing a degree related to prosthetics and orthotics and thus arrived here at the Applied Physiology department.

Previous Publications:

1.Cade, Elise A., David R. Saeva, and Markus M. Hoffmann. “Comparing Composition- and Temperature-Dependent Excess Molar Volumes of Binary Systems Involving Ionic Liquids.” Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 59 (2014): 1892-914.