Kevin Ling

Graduated Spring 2018

Ph.D. in ChBE



Timothy Chang

Graduated 2017

Ph.D. in BioE

Current: NSF Innovation Corps

Trudy Padmore

Graduated 2016

Ph.D. in ChBE

Current:   Testing Services, BioReliance, MilliporeSigma

Tianxin Miao
Post Doc in ChBE

Current: Lecturer at UC Riverside

Personal Website

Sung In Lim

Post Doc in ChBE

Current: Senior Scientist, Biomedicine Research Group, CJ Healthcare

Anusha Garapaty

Graduated 2017

Ph.D. in ChBE

Current: Postdoc, Incube

Lina Herrera Estrada

Graduated 2014

Ph.D. in ChBE

Current: Postdoc, Phillips 66

Won Min Park

Graduated 2015

Ph.D. in ChBE

Current: Postdoc, MIT 


 Xingjie Zan

Postdoc in ChBE

Current: Institute of Biomaterials
and Engineering. Wenzhou Medical
University Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province,