April 20,2015

There’s another body image campaign going around! This time it’s Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign. The plus-size clothing company recently released the video below promoting their Cacique bra/lingerie line. The video shows plus size women of different races (yay!) essentially giving the message that all women are sexy and that they are “no angel.”

Now it’s obvious that this campaign is taking a little jab at Victoria Secret, whose models are referred to as “angels.” Victoria’s Secret is also known for having thin models and being an “icon” of sorts when it comes to lingerie modeling. Of course, Lane Bryant is intending to promote positive body image and self-talk by celebrating all women. And I think that’s awesome! However, are they really celebrating ALL women by seeming to pit Lane Bryant against Victoria’s Secret? At least it seems like they’re pitting them against each other to me. Here’s an interesting article about one woman’s similar critique of the campaign.

I really hate pointing out issues with campaigns that have such positive intentions, but this kind of critique and dialogue is necessary. I want to see a campaign that doesn’t make a space that seems like it has to be one group of women versus another group. I love that Lane Bryant is challenging conventional beauty standards, but do they have to use the #ImNoAngel rhetoric, which is clearly referring to Victoria’s Secret, to do that? What do you think?

I’d like to read your thoughts on all of this, in general! Do you agree or disagree with my opinions on it? Sound off in the comments below!

-Leandra Lacy