I have published several books as author or editor (See list below) and I have contributed to journals in several fields, including environmental philosophy, economics, ecological economics, philosophy of science, ecology, conservation biology and decision analysis.


Norton jacket_compI am happy to announce the appearance of my new book, Sustainable Values, Sustainable Change: A Guide to Environmental Decision Making. It will be published by the University of Chicago Press and is available now. This book breaks new ground by shifting the emphasis from specifying the characteristics of a future sustainable society to guidance toward making better decisions with positive impacts on the environment in the present and in the future. This book should be of interest to a wide range of readers who work on environmental problems within the various sciences, as it offers a fresh approach to developing sustainability goals through deliberation and community involvement in the search for sustainable lifestyles.

This book will be especially useful for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who have been exposed to environmental sciences and need to reflect more broadly on how the natural and social sciences and the humanities can contribute to improved long-term environmental policies.


Published books

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