Administrative Updates

As part of the continued maturation process of PWP, we have rolled out a few new features for all PWP websites.

Enabled Plugins for PWP Websites

Plugin enabling/disabling is now a feature for PWP websites.

This allows PWP website administrator(s) to add new features to their WordPress installations, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Simple Share
  • Google Language Translator
  • Google Calendar
  • Twitter

Please contact us for any requests for plugins or features, as we’re always looking to add new plugins for usage.

Sign Up Page Redesign

After some initial feedback, we have adjusted the sign-up page to be more aesthetically-pleasing and have sensible descriptions.

Sign Up Page
The brand-new sign up page for new blogs.

For those who did not see the original page, see below:

The old PWP sign-up page. Note the confusing and non-intuitive text.
The old PWP sign-up page. Note the confusing and non-intuitive text.


Genesis Accessible Enabled


As part of our initiative to have an accessible-friendly web infrastructure here on campus, we have enabled the Genesis Accessible plugin across all websites.

This module will add accessible features to any website that enables these features. To locate these features, please log in to your website and browse to Admin -> Genesis -> Accessibility Settings.

We are looking at ways to enable these settings by default for all websites.