Accessibility Changes to File Uploads

To assist PWP site-owners with compliance with the newly-enacted IT Accessibility Policy on campus, the following filetypes are being disallowed for upload on PWP websites.

GT Boilerplate 1.6 Released

The PWP team has released GT Boilerplate 1.6, a new feature release for the default theme.

PWP updated to WordPress 4.2.3

PWP was updated this morning in response to a critical security release by WordPress. Individual websites should not see any major changes, as this release was pegged at bug fixes and security patching.

If any of your PWP website features are not functioning normally, please contact us!

Bug Fixes, LaTeX Support, Documentation

Preparing for the open-campus pilot in Summer 2015, a few changes have been made to facilitate this process.

Bug Fixes to Forms

One of the plugins PWP uses was causing some irregular and unintended behavior to form submissions. This has been resolved.

LaTeX Support

WP Latex now provides LaTeX support to PWP websites. Enable this plugin to add LaTeX text to your website.


Anyone interested in adding or revising PWP Documentation is welcome to assist. Documentation will be revised and expanded as we approach the open-campus pilot.

WordPress Security Update

Today, PWP was updated to match a security update released by WordPress.

We do not expect any sites to be vulnerable, as we by default restrict commenting settings on all PWP sites and applied the patch shortly after it was made available.