GT Boilerplate end-of-life recommendations

Professional Web Presence (PWP) will be migrating all sites using GT Boilerplate to the GT Tech Gold theme after July 31, 2020. We strongly recommend that PWP site owners using the GT Boilerplate proactively change their theme to GT Tech Gold for any end-user, per-site adjustments or changes.

GT Boilerplate end-of-life announcement

GT Boilerplate and Custom Sidebars

The Custom Sidebars plugin connects its configuration to the active site theme. When changing from GT Boilerplate to another theme, such as GT Tech Gold, you will be required to re-configure your custom sidebar configurations on sidebar-customized page(s).

If you use custom sidebars on individual pages or sections, we recommend enabling the ‘Custom Sidebars’ plugin. Configure sidebar variants under ‘Appearance -> Widgets’ and then edit the specified pages or posts and select the preferred sidebar variation.

GT Boilerplate and SEO Metadata

GT Boilerplate provides custom fields for SEO and keyword metadata. These fields are not available in GT – Tech Gold, and will not be available on CampusPress themes. We recommend using WP SEO – the CampusPress recommended SEO plugin – and migrating your configuration and settings to the new plugin.

WP SEO has been enabled on PWP for individual sites to use in preparation for the GT Boilerplate removal and CampusPress migration.

Other Questions

Have other issues with GT Boilerplate? Contact us, and let’s help you get migrated over: