Summer 2019 theme updates

To complement the service spring cleaning, Professional Web Presence has set up a planned update to bring the following themes to their latest versions to keep up with updated PHP requirements and WordPress core updates.

This update is tentatively scheduled for May 24, 2019.

If you are using any of the following themes, the upcoming update may change your themes’ appearance or customization options.

  1. Sixteen-Nine Pro
  2. Agency Pro
  3. Altitude Pro
  4. Aspire Pro
  5. Author Pro
  6. Centric Pro
  7. Digital Pro
  8. Eleven40 Pro
  9. Executive Pro
  10. Focus Pro
  11. Kickstart Pro
  12. Maker Pro
  13. Milan Pro
  14. Modern Portfolio Pro
  15. Pretty Creative
  16. Wellness Pro

Why update?

Theme updates are necessary for PWP to maintain integrity for PHP compatibility, WordPress code best-practices, and to keep up-to-speed on new WordPress features.

PWP periodically audits themes and plugins for long-term maintainability.

How will this affect my website?

Ideally, these theme updates should not affect PWP websites. However, we have seen indications that some theme updates are major updates – functionality and customizations are removed and/or added.

In one example, color customizations was reduced from three opens to one, limiting the flexibility and customization options for the theme.

If you are using any of these themes on a PWP website, please ensure you check your website(s) after theme updates for any major visual or aesthetic changes.