Blog/Vlog Entry 5: How has your view of leadership evolved and what’s next?

Throughout this semester, I have come to realize that leadership cannot be narrowed down to a particular list of traits. There is no universal formula to being a good leader, and there’s no particular process that can lead one to be an effective leader.  Leadership comes more from a mindset–a willingness to connect with team members, make tough decisions, and adapt to the environment around you. Leaders must be able to learn and adapt to whatever situation they’re thrown in because no amount of reading books about leadership can prepare you for every possible scenario that might come your way. In learning this, I have realized that I have the potential to be an effective leader in my own life. I don’t need a particular required list of skills, and I don’t need to read hundreds of books on leadership. If I maintain the mindset of a leader who is open-minded and always willing to learn and improve himself, I can grow into an effective leader. I will strive to exhibit leadership in minor ways in my life, because I’ve learned that leadership doesn’t require a specific title–it can be shown through simple acts such as encouraging others and leading by example. My main takeaway from this class is that I must never stop trying to learn and improve myself because no leader is perfect, but the best I can do is try to improve every day.