Blog/Vlog Entry 4: Your experiment, How did it go?

The action step that I decided I needed to take was to start taking more naps so that I had more energy during the day and I got breaks in between working on homework assignments. I found that taking naps in between homework assignments actually helped me to be a lot more efficient when I actually was working on homework. Before I started taking naps, I frequently got into a rut while working on homework where I would be too tired to get quality work done at any reasonable speed. I found that taking a nap helped me to spend less total time on my assignments because I was more efficient with the time that I did spend on them. The only thing that made the naps not go super well was the fact that they made it harder to fall asleep at night afterwards. However, I found that if I napped early enough I could still have no problem falling asleep. Since I was able to spend less time on my homework assignments, I did find that I had a little more free time and was able to have a little more fun during the day, which helped me to have a little more energy as well. I’ve learned that naps are a strategy that work particularly well for me and I will definitely continue to implement them into my college schedule. I think the next step for me might be to find a new hobby that I can enjoy when I have small amounts of down time between classes or assignments so that I can relax and de-stress for a little bit each day. I think this would help me feel more energetic and happier as a whole. The only thing I would do differently in the future would be to start my naps earlier in the day, perhaps immediately after classes so that I’m energized and efficient when beginning my assignments without interfering with my ability to fall asleep at night.