Blog Entry 2: What does “success” look like to you?

The perception of “success” depends on the achievement of an individual’s personal goals while upholding their values. Personally, I would consider myself successful if I am doing work that benefits people other than myself and I feel that I have a purpose in my life. It is also important that I actually enjoy doing the work and I enjoy my life in general. I think the feeling that one’s work actually has purpose and is not just meaningless contributes significantly to one’s self-esteem as well as their overall happiness. If I were making a lot of money working really hard at a job that I knew really had no impact on anybody, I would feel like all of my time and effort had been wasted. If this were the case, I would be working purely out of a motivation to earn money. The amount of money one possesses is not an accurate indicator of that person’s level of success– for example, teachers can go to sleep every night knowing they have had a profound impact on several children’s lives while still earning significantly less than an investment banker. This feeling of purpose allows one to be more content with their life, because everybody wants to feel as though they are important and have contributed something to the world. This feeling of purpose is especially important to overall success because life is short, and the only real things we can accomplish during it are 1) impacting other people, 2) causing change in the world and 3) having fun along the way. The rest are details that will go away after we die. Success lies in focusing in on these three goals while not allowing the rest to phase us.