GT Boilerplate 2.3 Released

The Professional Web Presence (PWP) team is very proud to introduce the latest release of GT Boilerplate, the campus Georgia Tech theme designed for WordPress and PWP.

With version 2.3, new features and functionality have been added to GT Boilerplate and the Georgia Tech theme.

New Features

Hide Authorship in Posts
With GT Boilerplate 2.3, users can now set their PWP website to hide all authorship information for posts. This is set as a theme setting under ‘Appearance -> Customize -> GT Settings‘.

Hide Site Title/Description
For websites which don’t need a site title and description, this setting can now be hidden for all pages. This is set as a theme setting under ‘Appearance -> Customize -> GT Settings‘.

Site List
PWP now has a friendly website directory for all websites which are public, search-indexable, non-archived, and undeleted. If you do not wish to have your site listed on this list, consider disabling Search Engine Indexing.

Optimization Features

Footer Image Updated
The footer map has been updated to match the current utilization on the Georgia Tech front page. Moreover, metadata is now attached to the image to allow for expanded accessibility.

Font Changes
Per campus trends, Roboto + Roboto Slab are replacing outdated fonts across the theme. The most common usage areas for these legacy fonts were the Resources pullout for the expanded footer and the Site Title. Both of these have been replaced with Roboto.