Accessibility Changes to File Uploads

To assist PWP site-owners with compliance with the newly-enacted IT Accessibility Policy on campus, the following filetypes are being disallowed for upload on PWP websites.

File Types

mov avi mpg 3gp 3g2 midi mid mp3 ogg wma m4a wav mp4 m4v webm ogv wmv flv


For all video filetypes (the bolded filetypes in the list above), we encourage you to use a video service with captioning/transcription services (such as YouTube).

As part of the Georgia Tech IT Accessibility policy, all public-facing video is legally required to be captioned and/or transcribed. Thus, we encourage strongly that sites use services such as YouTube to help create and manage those captioned videos.

To embed YouTube videos into PWP pages and posts, please see provided documentation on embed services.

For audio embeds, we strongly encourage using Soundcloud for hosting and streaming or leveraging OneDrive storage through your Office365 account.