Status Update
GT Boilerplate: What’s Coming Soon

GT Boilerplate: What’s Coming Soon

As GT Boilerplate, the primary and default theme used on PWP, continues to grow and expand, we are constantly looking for new features, fixes, and add-ons to make the theme even better.

We are approaching GT Boilerplate v1.7, a ‘tick’ update (new features, new controls) rather than bug fixes. v1.7 has some new features that many sites will want to take care of.

New Features in v1.7

How to Prepare for v1.7

No themes should have to make sizable changes. Anyone currently utilizing social media icons in their header should remove their current social media buttons, as this new feature will override the current setup.

Down the Road

As we look ahead, we’ve got quite a few items on the PWP roadmap for the GT Boilerplate theme:

  • Action items menu (sub menu embedded in menu bar).
  • Search incorporated into menu bar.
  • A fork of GT Boilerplate focused on following a GT subtheme variation.