The Summer 2015 Open Pilot Commences… Today!

As of today, we are officially opening PWP to an open pilot on the campus of Georgia Tech. Any faculty or staff member interested in starting a WordPress website can use PWP to request, administer, and edit their websites.

Request a PWP Website Now!

Open Pilot

An open pilot allows us to conduct testing and evaluation of PWP elements in a public and unrestricted (open) environment. Our goal during this open pilot is to continue to evaluate current needs, usages, and discover new features and plugins that may be needed by end-users across campus.

Please note that because this is an open pilot, some changes and adjustments to elements will be made during this period. Your content will be unchanged, but some features and theme settings may be adjusted to better match campus trends and requests.

After the Pilot

This open pilot service will expand in Fall 2015 to be a public service.

Once PWP is established as a public service, changes will be rolled out in batch updates over a longer time period. This allows the public service to still continue as a static service while new features are tested in a separate development environment.

We anticipate these changes rolling out in the area of once or twice an academic semester, which will have larger toolsets of changes, additions, and new features.


Have questions about the open pilot? Contact us.